Master the Game: Top Secrets for Dominating Tears of the Kingdom Unveiled!

Discover top tips and tricks for mastering Tears of the Kingdom, including powerful items, helpful resources, and creative solutions.

Top Tips and Tricks for Tears of the Kingdom

Top Tips and Tricks for Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom is officially here and it might be one of the best games in a very long time. With so many new things to learn, see, and explore, this article will provide you with top tips and tricks to help you become powerful and not waste any time exploring all that this game has to offer.

Land on the Back of Dragons for Powerful Items

Dragons can be found going in and out of chasms and roaming around the map. If you launch out of a Skyview Tower and land on the back of one, you can collect 12 shards across its entire back. These shards can be fused onto weapons or used as arrow tips that are drastically more powerful than your typical Elemental arrows and can come in handy in a pinch.

Find Cherry Blossom Trees for Helpful Items

Keep an eye out for cherry blossom trees throughout the land. Around these trees, you’ll find a certain type of fruit and sometimes other helpful items like Endura carrots. If you offer a fruit to the tree, it will highlight nearby caves, which are important in Tears of the Kingdom and not always obvious to see.

Search Caves for Hearty Foods

Inside caves, you’ll find hearty truffles and other hearty foods. Cooking these in a pot will create hearty mushroom skewers, which provide a full recovery of all your hearts and additional hearts. This is especially useful since hearty durians seem to have been removed from the game.

Use Keese Eyeballs for Homing Arrows

If you struggle with aiming, using a Keese eyeball on your arrow will automatically hit your targets in the face. This is particularly helpful for hitting flying targets. At night, you can find packs of Keese and use shock fruit or other items to collect multiple eyeballs at once.

Maximize Gotcha Machine Rewards

When using a Gotcha machine, hold five Zonai charges instead of one. This will give you 12 items instead of just one or five, providing a much better return on your investment.

Use Rockets to Reach High Places

If you need to reach a high place quickly, fuse a rocket to your shield. When you pull out your shield, the rocket will activate and propel you into the air. This can be useful for escaping combat, entering bullet time, or taking advantage of different situations.

Enhance Your Horses with the Horse God

By offering an Endura carrot to a shrine in the northeast corner of the map, you can unlock the Horse God. In Tears of the Kingdom, the Horse God can enhance your horses, allowing any horse to have max stats if you invest enough time and cook various meals for the Horse God.

Use the Ultra Hand and Recall Abilities for Creative Solutions

Using the Ultra Hand on an object and then using the recall ability can help you reach places you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. This can be surprisingly useful for navigating difficult terrain or solving puzzles.

Turn Shields into Weapons with Fusion

In Tears of the Kingdom, shields are no longer just shields. With the power of fusion, you can add various effects to your shields, such as shock emitters or dragon horns. This can turn your shield into a powerful weapon, allowing you to parry and freeze enemies or electrocute them with a simple touch.

Use Lighthouses to Navigate the Depths and Find Shrines

Early in the game, you’ll be asked to explore The Depths, a massive underground cave system. Lighthouses in The Depths correspond directly to shrines on the surface, making it easier to navigate both areas and unlock all the shrines faster.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming powerful in Tears of the Kingdom. Keep an eye out for more content on how to get the wingsuit, Master Sword, and Hyrildian shield, and enjoy your journey through this incredible game.