Discover the Ultimate Money-Making Guide for Tears of the Kingdom: Get Rich Fast and Never Worry About Rupees Again!

Learn to make all the rupees you need in Tears of the Kingdom with our step-by-step guide on farming resources and selling for profit.

Make All the Rupees You’ll Ever Need in Tears of the Kingdom

Make All the Rupees You’ll Ever Need in Tears of the Kingdom

Are you broker than a tooth fairy working in a meth house in Tears of the Kingdom? Look no further because in today’s article, we’ll be showing you the only way you need to know how to make all the rupees you’ll ever need in Tears of the Kingdom. You can do all of this the second you enter free roam in the game. Make sure to check out our other articles for how to become super OP at the beginning of the game, get the Master Sword, Hylian Shield, and all the things you can need in Tears of the Kingdom.

Step 1: Head Southeast from Central Hyrule towards Farren

The first thing we’re going to do is head Southeast from Central Hyrule towards Farren. We’re going to go to the Lakeside stable and pick up the JoJo Shrine. Once up here, you can pick up some Mighty bananas for food as a little bonus. After getting the shrine, jump off and head towards the area with the fire.

Step 2: Farm Luminous Stones and Feed Don Dons

Once you glide your money-hungry butt to the area with the fire, you’ll notice awkward-looking creatures called Don Dons. There are also Sapphires and Diamonds here, but don’t pick them up, or you’ll get yelled at. Instead, we’re going to do something with the Don Dons. Hold up on the d-pad and navigate to your luminous stones. Drop one on the ground, and the Don Dons will come up and eat it. There are tons of places to farm luminous stones, but if you head east from Lookout Landing, there’s a cave where you can farm them. There are a total of five Don Dons in this area, so drop luminous stones for each of them to eat.

Step 3: Prepare for Cold Weather and Head to Snowfield Stables

For this next part, you’ll need at least one piece of warm weather gear. You should have gotten the Archaic Warm Green at the beginning of the game. If you missed it, go to the Sky Map and then to the Gutenbach Shrine. From there, head towards the ledge, activate Ascension to teleport up through it, and then head inside the tree to find a chest with the Archaic Greaves. Now, head from Central Hyrule all the way Northwest to the Snowfield Stables. There’s a shrine here that you can unlock, and if you need more cold weather resistance, there are spicy peppers nearby that you can cook for cold resistance.

Step 4: Tame a Horse and Hunt for Raw Gourmet Meat and Raw Prime Meat

A horse is definitely going to help with this step. If you don’t have a horse already, there are plenty of horses in this area. Tame a horse using ice fruit and then register it at the stables for an extra Pony point. From here, follow a specific loop around the Snowfield Stables, hunting for bears and moose to collect raw gourmet meat and raw prime meat. You can do this loop as much as you want to collect as much meat as you need.

Step 5: Cook the Meat and Sell It for Profit

Once you’ve collected enough meat, head to any cooking station at any stable or at Lookout Landing. Cook the raw gourmet meat and raw prime meat into meat skewers with full recovery and meat skewers that add 15 hearts. These meat skewers sell for 315 rupees a piece, which is almost double what the raw meat is worth on its own. Sell all of the cooked meat at any shop to make a lot of money quickly.

Step 6: Farm Don Dons for Gems and Repeat the Process

Head back to Farren and check on your Don Dons. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a lot of gems on the ground. Pick up all the gems, and if you have more luminous stones, feed the Don Dons more to keep them pooping out gems. Essentially, just go back to Snowfield Stables and continue through the loop, collecting raw prime meat and gourmet meat, and then go to Farren and collect gems from the Don Dons. This way, you can make all the money your heart could desire and never have to work at that meth house again.