Unlock OP Items & Armor Early in Tears Of The Kingdom : Ultimate Guide

Get OP Items and Armor Early in Tears Of The Kingdom : Follow our guide to start your journey with powerful gear for an enjoyable, less challenging experience.

Get OP Items and Armor Early in Tears Of The Kingdom

In this guide, we will show you how to get some of the most powerful items and armor early in the game, Breath of the Wild. This will help you start your journey with a significant advantage, making your gameplay experience more enjoyable and less challenging. Follow the steps below to get Link looking like a true champion with the Hylian Shield, Champions leather, and white Lyonel items.


Before starting this optimal path, make sure you have access to the paraglider and have not revealed any parts of the map. This guide takes place right after you get the paraglider, so it’s perfect for a fresh game. To prepare for this journey, you will need to collect the following items:

  • Arrows
  • Restless Crickets (9)
  • Bokoblin Horns (3)
  • Fire Fruits (3)

You can find these items just outside of Lookout Landing. Collect the restless crickets by cutting the grass, and find the fire fruits in a nearby tree. Defeat a nearby Bokoblin camp to collect the Bokoblin horns.

Cooking Elixirs and Food

Once you have collected the necessary items, head back to Lookout Landing and cook the following elixirs and food:

  • Stamina Elixir: Combine 1 Bokoblin Horn and 3 Restless Crickets. Cook three of these elixirs.
  • Hearty Fish: Cook a Hearty Salmon.
  • Gloom Resistance: Combine a Gloomwing Butterfly, a Monster Part, and additional ingredients like apples or meat.

These elixirs and food will help you reach Hyrule Castle and survive the upcoming battles.

Heading to Hyrule Castle

With your elixirs and food prepared, it’s time to head to Hyrule Castle. Use the paraglider to fly towards the castle, and make sure to mark the following spots on your map:

  • Red Marker: Landing spot at Hyrule Castle
  • Blue Marker: Princess Zelda’s Room
  • Green Marker: Shrine near Hyrule Castle
  • Yellow Marker: White Lionel location

As you approach Hyrule Castle, avoid any enemy encounters and head straight for the red marker. Once you arrive, follow the path to collect the Champions leather, Royal Guard Shield, Royal Guard Sword, Royal Guard Spear, and other powerful weapons.

Collecting the Royal Guard Armor Set

Next, head to the blue marker to collect the Royal Guard Cap and Royal Guard Boots. These items will provide additional defense and complete the Royal Guard Armor Set. To collect the Royal Guard Tunic, head straight from Lookout Landing to Hyrule Castle, following the path up to a room with a Black Bokoblin. Defeat the enemy and open the chest to collect the final piece of the armor set.

Facing the White Lyonel

With your powerful weapons and armor, it’s time to face the White Lyonel located at the yellow marker. Before engaging in battle, make sure to consume your Hearty Fish and Gloom Resistance elixir. During the fight, use your powerful weapons and shield to parry and dodge the White Lyonel’s attacks. Once defeated, collect the valuable loot dropped by the White Lyonel, including the Savage Lyonel Bow, Savage Lyonel Shield, and other powerful items.


By following this guide, you will start your Tears Of The Kingdom journey with powerful items and armor, making your gameplay experience more enjoyable and less challenging. With your new gear, you are now ready to conquer the kingdom and defeat Ganon. Good luck, and happy gaming!