Unlock the Secrets: How To Get The Golden Horse in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom !

Learn how to acquire and upgrade the majestic Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom with our step-by-step guide. Unlock quests, tame the horse, and enhance its stats.

Acquiring and Upgrading the Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Acquiring and Upgrading the Golden Horse in Tears of the Kingdom

Have you ever wondered how to acquire the beautiful golden horse in Tears of the Kingdom? In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to not only acquire this majestic steed but also how to upgrade any horse in the game to its maximum potential. So, let’s get started!

Unlocking the Golden Horse

The golden horse is said to be Princess Zelda’s, but with a specific questline, you can acquire it for yourself. To begin, you will need to unlock the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower during the open-world part of the game. Once unlocked, you will meet Pen, a big bird who tells you about a newspaper he is working for. You will need to find him at a new location to potentially work with him.

Joining the Lucky Clover Gazette

From Lookout Landing, head northwest, following the road across the river and through the gorge. You will eventually reach the Lucky Clover Gazette, where you will continue the questline. Inside, talk to Pen and his partner Tracy, who will inform you that they are trying to track down Princess Zelda and write a story about her disappearance. This will unlock different events at stables throughout the game, including the ability to acquire the golden horse and a nice armor set for completing the entire questline.

Acquiring the Golden Horse

Once you have joined the news collecting team, head to the Snow Fields Stable in the northeast. Make sure to have cold weather gear or food, as you will need to endure the freezing temperatures. At the stable, you will learn that the golden horse has gone missing, and you will need to track it down to keep it for yourself.

Finding and Taming the Golden Horse

Head north from the Snow Fields Stable, avoiding the dangerous ice dragon and ice hydra in the area. You will eventually find the golden horse among a pack of other horses. To tame the horse, you will need a lot of stamina. Use a bow and arrows with white Chuchu jelly to freeze the horse, then run up to it and continuously press the A button to mount it. Be prepared to press the L button once mounted, as you will need all the stamina you can get to soothe the horse. It is recommended to have extra stamina food for this task.

Registering and Upgrading the Golden Horse

Once tamed, take the golden horse back to the Snow Fields Stable and register it. The horse has high strength, speed, stamina, and a gentle temperament. To upgrade the horse, you will need to unlock the Horse God.

Unlocking the Horse God

To unlock the Horse God, you will need an Endura Carrot. These can be found at the old Horse God location from Breath of the Wild, just south of the Highlands Stable. Once you have an Endura Carrot, head to the East Akala Stable, northeast of Central Hyrule. From there, head to Blood Leaf Lake and approach the fairy bloom to summon the Horse God, Melania.

Enhancing Your Horse

With the Horse God unlocked, you can now enhance any horse in the game, except for the giant horse. To enhance the golden horse, you will need to cook specific meals for Melania, which will vary depending on the horse’s stats. The higher the stats, the more complicated the meals will be.


By following this guide, you will have acquired the majestic golden horse and learned how to upgrade any horse in Tears of the Kingdom. Now you can ride in style and have the best horse possible for your adventures. Happy riding!