Unlock the Ultimate Power: Acquiring & Upgrading the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom – Secrets Revealed!

Learn to acquire and upgrade the Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom with our efficient guide on quests, Dragon Tears, and weapon fusion.

Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom: How to Acquire and Upgrade

Master Sword in Tears of the Kingdom: How to Acquire and Upgrade

The Master Sword is back in Tears of the Kingdom, and in this guide, we will show you how to acquire this legendary weapon and upgrade it for maximum effectiveness. Unlike in Breath of the Wild, you can acquire the Master Sword early in the game, and it is incredibly powerful, especially when you incorporate fusion into the weapon. With a naturally high base damage, the Master Sword will make quick work of most monsters and bosses in the game.

Acquiring the Master Sword

There are a few different ways to acquire the Master Sword, but we will be showing you the most efficient method. This method involves completing a series of quests and collecting Dragon Tears, which will ultimately lead you to the Master Sword. Note that to pull the Master Sword, you will need two full bars of stamina, which is equivalent to 20 shrines. However, you can also use food to increase your maximum stamina temporarily.

Locating Cato and Starting the Quest

To begin, you will need to locate Cato. From Lookout Landing, follow the road northwest and cross the gorge. Cato will be standing in an open area, and he will inform you that Impa has gone off to investigate the geoglyphs. You will need to locate all of these geoglyphs on the map to acquire the Master Sword.

Finding Dragon Tears and Unlocking Memories

Once you have spoken to Cato, head to the New Serene Stables and find Impa near a broken-down blimp. She will introduce you to the process of finding Dragon Tears within the geoglyphs. Each Dragon Tear you find will unlock a memory of Princess Zelda. We recommend watching all of these cutscenes, as they provide an interesting story and context for your quest.

Collecting All Dragon Tears

There are several Dragon Tears scattered throughout the game world, and you will need to collect them all to unlock the Master Sword. We will not provide specific locations for each Dragon Tear in this guide, but they can be found in various regions of the game, such as Central Hyrule, Gerudo Canyon, and Eldin Canyon. Once you have collected all of the Dragon Tears, a new dragon will appear in the sky, and you will be able to find the Master Sword embedded in its skull.

Master Sword Weapon Fusion

Now that you have acquired the Master Sword, it’s time to upgrade it through weapon fusion. Note that when the Master Sword runs out of energy, you will lose the fused material that you equipped on it. However, this is still better than losing the weapon and the fused material entirely.

Recommended Fusion Materials

Some of the best fusion materials for the Master Sword include Dragon Horns, Black Moblin Horns, and Diamonds. The Nadra’s Horn, in particular, is an excellent choice, as it has the ability to freeze targets and deals significant damage. You can farm Dragon Horns by hunting dragons in various locations throughout the game world, such as Mount Lanayru and Rubella Wetlands.

Farming Black Moblin Horns

Black Moblin Horns are another excellent fusion material for the Master Sword, and they can be easily farmed in two locations. The first location is near the Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, where you can find a Black Moblin and a Blue Moblin. The second location is east of Kala Stable, where you can find four Black Moblins along a road.

With the Master Sword in hand and upgraded with powerful fusion materials, you will be well-equipped to face the challenges that await you in Tears of the Kingdom. Good luck, and happy adventuring!