Massive Stasis Nerf in Destiny 2: Crucial PvP Changes & Impact Explained

Massive Stasis Nerf in Destiny 2: Discover the biggest PvP changes and how they affect abilities and gameplay strategies.

Massive Stasis Nerf in Destiny 2: PvP Changes Explained

Destiny 2 has just received a massive hotfix, delivering the biggest nerf to Stasis for PvP that we have ever seen. In this article, we will go through all the abilities affected by this hotfix and compare them before and after the changes. This will help you understand how these abilities have changed without having to go into the Crucible and figure it out for yourself.

General Stasis Changes

Stasis Freeze

The duration of all non-super freezes has been reduced to 1.35 seconds, and there is no need to break out of being frozen with anything other than those super freezes. Now, everything freezes the same as the Penumbral Blast melee ability before the hotfix.

Special Weapon, Heavy Weapon, and Light Ability Bonus Damage

As a result of the changes, players can no longer one-shot body opponents with slug shotguns after freezing them. The damage increase has been reduced significantly.

Stasis Slow Changes

Weapon Accuracy and Flinch

Slow no longer reduces weapon accuracy and instead increases flinch when under fire. This means that players can now hit their shots more easily while slowed, but they will experience increased flinch.

Class Abilities and Movement Speed Penalty

Slow no longer suppresses class abilities, and the movement speed penalty while slowed has been reduced by around 20%. This makes it easier for players to move and use their abilities while slowed.

Whisper of Hedron’s Fragment Changes

Whisper of Hedron’s Fragment now increases weapon stability, weapon aim assist, mobility, resilience, and recovery after freezing, instead of increasing weapon damage. This provides a full 10 seconds of stat boost after freezing an enemy.

Whisper of Rhyme Changes

Whisper of Rhyme no longer provides an overshield while in super. However, it still provides an overshield in all other situations.

Cold Snap Grenade Changes

The seeker of the Cold Snap Grenade no longer tracks targets after initial target acquisition, has an increased arming duration before seeker spawns, and has a reduced detonation radius versus players. Additionally, it now bounces off walls and detonates on the ground, rather than being able to throw it at a wall and send out seekers from the wall down into the ground.

Titan Behemoth Changes

Shiver Strike

Shiver Strike has had its flight speed and distance reduced, as well as its knockback versus players. Additionally, the slow detonation on impact has been removed.

Cryoclasm Aspect

Cryoclasm now requires the Titan to sprint for 1.25 seconds before activation when not in super, and the cooldown has been removed.

Howl of the Storm

Howl of the Storm has had several changes, including reduced angle of initial freezing and damage cone, reduced crystal creation freezing radius, and slowed down sequence of formation. It now also spawns a small crystal on walls if performed into walls.

Glacial Quake

Glacial Quake has had its heavy slam vertical freeze range versus players reduced and its damage resistance reduced from 50 to 47. This makes it more likely for players to be able to defeat Behemoths in their super.

Hunter Revenant Changes

Withering Blade

Withering Blade has had its slow duration versus players reduced, damage versus players reduced, and projectile speed reduced by 10. Additionally, its tracking after bouncing off a wall has been reduced.

Winter’s Shroud

Winter’s Shroud has had its slow duration reduced, making it easier for players to move while slowed.

Touch of Winter Aspect

Touch of Winter Aspect has had its Cold Snap seeker movement speed and travel distance reduced, and it now spawns a small Stasis crystal on detonation.

Warlock Shadebinder Changes

Penumbral Blast Melee

Penumbral Blast Melee has had its tracking and proximity detonation size reduced, as well as its freeze radius versus players when impacting the environment.

Ice Flare Bolts Aspect

Ice Flare Bolts Aspect now only chains once after shattering an opponent, making it less powerful in chaining freezes.

Winter’s Wrath

Winter’s Wrath has had its freezing projectile tracking strength ramp down to zero after two seconds of flight, making it less effective at tracking targets at longer distances.

In conclusion, this massive Stasis nerf in Destiny 2 has brought significant changes to the abilities and gameplay in PvP. Players will need to adapt to these changes and find new strategies to dominate in the Crucible.