Unlock Special Items with Zelda Collection Amiibos: Boost Your Game!

Unlock special items & boost your game with Zelda Collection Amiibos! Enhance your gaming experience & customize your character.

Zelda Collection Amiibos: Unlock Special Items and Boost Your Game

Zelda Collection Amiibos: Unlock Special Items and Boost Your Game

Are you a fan of the Zelda game series and looking for ways to enhance your gaming experience? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the special items and benefits you can unlock using the Zelda collection amiibos. Let’s dive in!

How to Scan Amiibos in Zelda

You can start scanning amiibo immediately at the tutorial area in the Great Sky Island. To enable amiibo scanning, follow these steps:

  1. Open your settings system settings by hitting the plus button and scrolling to the right.
  2. Select Options and turn on your amiibo (they are usually disabled).
  3. Once enabled, press the L button to select the amiibo.
  4. Tap your amiibo on your controller to scan it.

Note: If you’re scanning an amiibo on a Joy-Con, grab the right Joy-Con and press the amiibo on it.

Maximizing Amiibo Scans

Each amiibo can only be scanned once per day. However, there’s a trick to bypass this limitation without any punishment. Save your game, close it completely, and then change the date in your system settings. Move the date up by one day, and you can scan your amiibo again for more items.

Special Items and Benefits from Zelda Collection Amiibos

Now let’s explore the special items and benefits you can unlock using the Zelda collection amiibos:

30th Anniversary 8-bit Link

  • Unlocks the of the Hero set and the Sword of the Hero (17 damage).
  • Grants the Pixel fabric.

30th Anniversary Ocarina of Time Link and Smash Young Link

  • Unlocks the of the Time set and the Bigoron Sword (36 attack).
  • Grants the Lon Lon Ranch fabric.

30th Anniversary Majora’s Mask Link

  • Unlocks the Fierce Deity set and the Fierce Deity Sword (38 attack).
  • Grants the Majora’s Mask fabric.

30th Anniversary Skyward Sword Link

  • Unlocks the of the Sky set and the White Sword of the Sky (24 damage).
  • Grants the Sword Spirit fabric.

Link’s Awakening Link Amiibo

  • Unlocks the Awakening set.
  • Grants the Egg fabric.

30th Anniversary Toon Zelda

  • Unlocks the Sea Breeze Shield (65 defense).
  • Grants the Bygone Royal fabric.

Chic from Super Smash Bros

  • Unlocks Sheik’s mask with stealth up ability.
  • Grants the Chic fabric.

Champion Set Amiibos

  • Mifa: Unlocks the VA Ruda Divine Helm with swim speed up ability and the Zora Champion fabric.
  • Daruke: Unlocks the Val Rudanya Divine Helm with flame guard ability and the Goron Champion fabric.
  • Ravali: Unlocks the VA Meadow Divine Helm with cold resistance ability and the Rito Champion fabric.
  • Urboso: Unlocks the VOD Naboris Divine Helm with shock resistance ability and the Gerudo Champion fabric.

30th Anniversary Link and Smash Link

  • Unlocks the Twilight set.
  • Grants the Mirror of Twilight fabric.

30th Anniversary Wind Waker Link and Smash Toon Link

  • Unlocks the of the Wind set and the Sea Breeze Boomerang (16 attack).
  • Grants the King of the Red Lions fabric.

Smash Bros Ganondorf

  • Unlocks the Dusk Claymore (32 attack).
  • Grants the Demon King Fabric.

Smash Bros Zelda

  • Unlocks the Dusk Bow (30 attack).
  • Grants the Princess of Twilight fabric.

Fusing Amiibo Weapons

You can fuse amiibo weapons together to create your own powerful weapons. For example, you can fuse the Dusk Claymore with the Dusk Claymore to create a weapon with 64 attack power. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect weapon for your playstyle.

Customizing Your Power Glider and Clothing

To customize your power glider and dye your clothing, head south from the Mount Lanero Skyview Tower to Hateno Village. Talk to the NPC there to rework your power glider and select any of the power gliders in the game. You can also dye your clothing at this location.


Now that you know what all the Zelda collection amiibos can do for you, it’s time to enhance your gaming experience. Unlock special items, create powerful weapons, and customize your character to your heart’s content. Happy gaming!