Discover the Secret to Skydiving Mobility: Unlock the Ultimate Glider Suit in Tears of the Kingdom!

Unlock the Ultimate Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom with our guide on finding and unlocking the Glider Suit, providing skydiving mobility and fall damage immunity.

Unlock the Ultimate Armor Set in Tears of the Kingdom

Discover one of the best armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom that provides skydiving mobility and eliminates fall damage. Follow this guide to find and unlock the Glider Suit, which will significantly improve your gameplay experience.

Why You Need the Glider Suit

The Glider Suit is a brand new armor set in Tears of the Kingdom that provides skydiving mobility. In a game where you’re constantly falling from the sky, this armor set is essential for exploring the map faster than with just the glider alone. When leveled up to level 2, the Glider Suit provides complete immunity to fall damage at any height.

Unlocking the First Piece: Glider Shirt

Once you enter free roam and unlock your first Skyview Tower, head northwest to the Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower. Start a fire in the grass, use your paraglider to launch yourself over the moat, climb up to the tower, and unlock it. As you’re launched into the sky, look to your left and notice a tower of rocks going into the sky. Head for the island nearby and activate the green circle by touching the ring hole. Dive down, following the rings until you land in the water below. A cutscene will play, unlocking a shrine in the area.

Speak to the steward construct, who will tell you about the trials you need to complete. Give him a Zonai charge, and he will teleport you back to the beginning for a time trial. Complete the trial in under 35 seconds to be rewarded with the Glider Shirt.

Unlocking the Second Piece: Glide Suit

Head north to the Typho Ruins Skyview Tower and unlock it. Turn around and activate your glider, aiming for the island with a shrine. Depending on your stamina, you may need to stop at another island along the way. Once you reach the island, speak to the steward construct and complete the trial he gives you. Complete the challenge by diving through all the rings in under 35 seconds to unlock the Glide Suit.

Unlocking the Third Piece: Glide Mask

The final piece of the armor set is a bit more complicated to reach. Head to the far east side of the map and unlock the Mount Lanario Skyview Tower. Launch out of the tower and try to land on the island nearby. Use the pre-built structure with batteries and a control system to fly directly down to the island where the last challenge awaits.

Jump off the structure, glide down to the island, and complete the challenge by diving through all the rings in under 35 seconds. With the Glide Mask, you will have tier three of the Skydive Mobility up, completing the Glider Suit set.

Enjoy Your New Armor Set

With all three pieces of the Glider Suit, you can now navigate the world of Tears of the Kingdom with ease. However, remember that you won’t unlock the ability to negate all fall damage until you level up all the pieces of armor to level two. Be sure to check out our video on unlocking all the great fairies and acquiring the Hylian Shield at the beginning of the game for more helpful tips.