How to Get More Batteries/Energy Cells for Zonai Devices in Tears of the Kingdom

Discover Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's Energy Cells: farm crystallized charges, build flying vehicles, and power zonai devices with our comprehensive guide.

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – A Comprehensive Guide to Energy Cells

In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, energy cells make up the batteries that power zonai devices. You only start off with one battery, but can get a max amount of 16. This guide will cover the various ways to obtain more batteries, as well as some tips and tricks for navigating the depths of the game.

Obtaining Energy Cells

To get more energy cells, you need to bring crystallized charges to a crystal refinery. The most convenient one to reach is on the Great Sky Island, right next to the Natoya Shrine. The exchange rate is 100 crystallized charges for one energy cell. To get all 15 additional batteries, you will need a total of 45 energy cells or a whopping 4500 crystallized charges. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to farm them.

Exploring the Depths

All methods for obtaining batteries require going into the depths of the game. You can follow the main quest with Joshua and Robbie, or dive down through the Great Plateau North Chasm. Bring along bright bloom seeds to provide light, and activate the nearby light root for a more permanent solution.

Great Abandoned Central Mine

Head south from the chasm to the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Along the way, you may spot shadow statues standing on top of stone pillars. They carry metal weapons that are untarnished by gloom, which can be very useful for building up an arsenal. Once you arrive at the mine, you will get the auto build ability, which is extremely useful for saving and recreating Ultra hand builds. There is also a relatively easy boss fight that awards you with 100 crystallized charges, enough to craft one energy cell.

Exchanging Zonite for Crystallized Charges

After completing the boss fight, a forged construct will open up nearby, where you can exchange zonite for crystallized charges. The exchange rate is three regular zonite for one crystallized charge, or three large zonite for 20 crystallized charges. If you buy out the available stock, you can refresh the forge construct’s inventory by resting at a fireplace or sleeping overnight.

Building a Simple Flying Vehicle

To further explore the depths and gather more zonite, it is highly recommended to build a simple flying vehicle. Everything you’ll need, including two fans and a steering stick, is provided at the project site right next to the Great Plateau North Chasm. Follow the instructions in the video to build a nimble vehicle with a portable light source. The overall usefulness of this vehicle will only increase as more batteries are obtained.

Farming Crystallized Charges

While roaming the depths, keep a lookout for boss-type enemies, such as Frocks, Ox, and Stell Knocks. Each one you defeat will reward you with 20 crystallized charges. In addition, all bosses in the depths respawn after every blood-stained moon, so mark their locations on the map during your first encounter for easy farming.

Yiga Camps and Zonite Hotspots

Yiga Camps are another source of crystallized charges. Each camp has a treasure room with a red seal, which can be opened by defeating the corresponding Yiga Clan member. The treasure room contains a predetermined blueprint for auto build, along with 20 crystallized charges. Zonite hotspots scattered throughout the depths can also be a good source of zonite, both regular and large. Large zonite is one of the best ways to get crystallized charges, as three large zonite gets you 20 of them.

Floating Coliseum

The floating Coliseum, located northwest of the Great Abandoned Central Mine, is another great source of crystallized charges. Defeating the five lionels inside rewards you with Majora’s Mask, which is very useful for farming zonite. Each lionel also drops 20 crystallized charges, making the Coliseum a worthwhile farming spot.

Acquiring New Energy Cells

Once you’ve gathered enough crystallized charges, return to the crystal refinery to acquire your new energy cells. The more you get, the easier exploration and acquisition of additional energy cells become. As a final note, once you get all eight initial batteries, any additional energy cells will overlap the first aid in the color blue instead of green. You can also spend excess crystallized charges on specific zonai devices of your choosing, including big batteries, which are not obtainable through any device dispenser.


With this comprehensive guide, you should now have a better understanding of how to obtain energy cells in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. By following these tips and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to powering up your zonai devices and exploring the depths of the game with ease.

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