Maximize Lightscale Trident : The True Best Weapon in Tears of the Kingdom

Explore Zelda Tears of the Kingdom's Lightscale Trident! Visit Zora's Domain, meet Dento, learn crafting, weapon repair, and maximize your trident's potential.

Unlocking the Power of the Lightscale Trident in Tears of the Kingdom

The Lightscale Trident is arguably the best weapon in Tears of the Kingdom, boasting a maximum Attack Power of 154 and impressive durability. This guide will cover how to obtain the Lightscale Trident, maximize its potential, and repair it when needed. For your convenience, timestamps are available in the video description.

Obtaining the Lightscale Trident

To acquire the Lightscale Trident, you must first speak with Dento in Zora’s Domain, located to the east. Dento can be found next to the General Store. You’ll need to complete the main quest in Zora’s Domain, where you help clear the Sludge from the surrounding waters, before Dento will offer to craft the Lightscale Trident for you. This initiates the quest “Glory of the Zora,” in which you’ll need to gather the required materials for crafting the legendary trident.

Gathering Materials

The materials needed for the Lightscale Trident are 5 Flint, 3 Diamonds, and 1 Zora Spear. Here’s how to find them:

  • Flint: Break mineral deposits in caves to find flint. Chances are, you already have more than 5 flint unless you’ve been selling it.
  • Diamonds: You can purchase 3 diamonds per day for 1000 Rupees each in Goron City from Gonguron, but only after completing the main quest in Goron City. Alternatively, there are four locations with single diamonds: Hyrule Castle, Jinodok Shrine, Maoikes Shrine, and Yomizuk Shrine. Stone Talus enemies also have a low probability of dropping diamonds when defeated.
  • Zora Spear: Two guaranteed locations for Zora Spears are near Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and Ralis Pond. If you’ve already obtained and broken those Zora Spears, you can find more by defeating “Like” enemies in caves or searching the depths beneath Zora’s Domain.

Crafting the Trident

Once you have all the required materials, return to Dento to craft the Lightscale Trident. The trident has a base attack power of 22 damage, but its intrinsic trait doubles its damage when you’re wet. This bonus also applies to any material fused to it. With the Silver Lynel Saber Horn fused to the Lightscale Trident, it has a total attack power of 154 when wet. Completing the Zora Main Quest grants you an ability that allows you to maintain the “wet” status at all times, in any environment.

Maximizing the Lightscale Trident’s Potential

If you need high Attack Power Fuse Materials, refer to the guide linked in the video description. The Lightscale Trident is incredibly durable, capable of taking down an entire village of Black and Silver tier enemies without breaking or becoming badly damaged. It’s essentially the Hylian Shield of weapons.

Repairing the Lightscale Trident

If the Lightscale Trident breaks or is lost, Dento can craft another one for you, provided you bring him the same materials. However, it’s much easier to repair the weapon using Rock Octoroks near Death Mountain and a simple trick:

  1. Take the Trident to the Break-A-Part shop in Tarrey Town and have it broken apart for 20 Rupees to avoid losing the Fuse Material.
  2. Bring the unfused Trident and any non-legendary weapon or shield to a Rock Octorok.
  3. Fuse the Trident to the non-legendary item and feed it to the Rock Octorok, which will repair and upgrade the non-legendary item while also repairing the Trident.
  4. Return to the Break-A-Part shop in Tarrey Town, pay the 20 Rupee fee, and recover the fully repaired Lightscale Trident.

Note that a given Octorok will only repair one item per blood moon, so you’ll need to visit a different Octorok if you need more repairs before then.


With this guide, you can now unlock the full potential of the Lightscale Trident in Tears of the Kingdom. For more great guides, visit the linked channel, and consider subscribing to support the creator and their cat, Marshmallow. Have a great day, and as always, thanks for watching!