Zelda Tears of the Kingdom: Upgrade Pura Pad, Unlock Sensor Plus, Heroes Path & Travel Medallions

Explore Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, upgrading Pura pad, unlocking Sensor Plus, Heroes Path, & Travel Medallions for an enhanced gaming experience!

Upgrading Your Pura Pad in the Game: Unlocking Sensor Plus, Heroes Path, and Three Travel Medallions

In this guide, we will walk you through the process of upgrading your Pura pad in the game, unlocking Sensor Plus, Heroes Path, and three Travel Medallions. This can be a difficult quest, but with our step-by-step instructions, you’ll find it simple and straightforward. Let’s dive in!


Before we begin, there are a few prerequisites you must complete to access this quest line:

  1. Obtain your paraglider.
  2. Complete the quest where Joshua sends you to find Robbie in the depths.

Once you have completed these prerequisites, you can proceed with the quest to upgrade your Pura pad.

Starting the Quest: The Strange Phenomena

To begin, open up the quest titled “The Strange Phenomena.” Choose any one of the temples or dungeons in the specified areas to complete. After finishing your chosen temple, teleport back to Lookout Landing.

Upon arriving at Lookout Landing, you’ll know the quest has progressed when you see people in front of Joshua. Pay attention to the new characters introduced, as they will be important for future missions.

Unlocking the Central Mine

Joshua will direct you to a giant stone tablet on the wall, which talks about a temple in the depths. This temple is the central mine, located beneath the Temple of Time in the Great Plateau. Find a chasm near the Temple of Time, drop down, and locate the central mine.

Unlocking Auto Build

At the central mine, you’ll need to unlock the ability Auto Build. Once unlocked, a cutscene will play showing Link obtaining the ability. You can then leave the area and return to Joshua, who will progress the quest further.

Building the Hot Air Balloon

Joshua will give you a schema stone, which is a schematic for a hot air balloon. Head to the hot air balloon outside the area, use Auto Build to construct it, and watch as Robbie reacts to your accomplishment.

Upgrading Your Pura Pad

Now that you’ve impressed Robbie, he will help you upgrade your Pura pad. Follow him to the hot air balloon, and he will tell you to meet him in Hatino Village, where he can make improvements to your Pura pad.

Upgrading the Sensor

Once in Hatino Village, find Robbie at the top of the hill in the laboratory. Hand him your Pura pad, and he will upgrade your sensor to react when you are close to shrines. Test this new feature with Robbie by walking slowly around the room.

Activating the Shrine

After testing the upgraded sensor, you’ll need to find and activate the shrine Robbie detected. Locate the shrine, activate it, and return to Robbie in Hatino Village.

Unlocking Sensor Plus, Heroes Path, and Travel Medallions

Robbie will present you with three options for further upgrades:

  1. Sensor Plus: Take pictures of five different monsters to unlock this feature, which allows you to select any image from your compendium and search for it.
  2. Heroes Path Mode: Log 15 shrine locations in your game to unlock this feature, which shows the pathway you took throughout the game.
  3. Traveler’s Medallions: Complete various tasks for Robbie to obtain up to three Traveler’s Medallions, which allow you to place instant teleport spots on your map.


By following this guide, you will successfully upgrade your Pura pad, unlocking Sensor Plus, Heroes Path, and three Travel Medallions. These upgrades will enhance your gameplay experience and make exploring the game world even more enjoyable. Happy gaming!