Unlocking God Roll Armor in Destiny 2 : Ultimate Farming Guide

Discover how to farm God Roll Armor in Destiny 2 with our comprehensive guide, covering stats, strategies, and the best farming methods.

How to Farm God Roll Armor in Destiny 2: A Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, we will discuss armor stats on your guardians in Destiny 2 and how you can farm god roll armor guaranteed throughout this season. Additionally, we will show you how to force Destiny to give you the stats you want or at least better RNG to get the stats you want. This guide will make armor and god rolls grinding much easier and help you build the builds that you want.

Why Resilience Matters Now

Resilience is now tied to damage reduction, and when you hit 100 resilience, you get up to 40% damage reduction in any activity you play. This makes high resilience important for all characters, especially hunters and warlocks who may not have had high resilience armor in the past. Titans might already have high resilience due to their barricade class ability being tied to resilience.

Understanding Armor Stats

There are six armor stats in Destiny 2: Mobility, Resilience, Recovery, Discipline, Intellect, and Strength. When creating builds, you usually want to focus on certain stats, such as Discipline for a high grenade build or Mobility for a hunter’s dodge. However, Intellect and Strength are not as important as the other four stats, as they can be compensated for with other in-game mechanics.

Important Stats for Each Class

  • Warlocks and Titans: 100 Resilience, 100 Discipline, and 100 Recovery
  • Hunters: 100 Mobility, 100 Resilience, and 100 Discipline (with at least 50 Recovery)

Using Discipline Armor Mod on Your Ghost

When farming armor, equip a Discipline Armor Mod on your ghost. This guarantees a minimum of 10 Discipline on armor pieces you acquire and increases the likelihood of higher Discipline drops. This is important because it forces the game to give you a high stat drop in either Mobility, Resilience, or Recovery, which are the more important stats for your character.

Best Ways to Farm God Roll Armor

  1. Opulent Castellam Farm: Focus armor using legendary shards and opulent energy, which can be obtained from the new public event, the Castellam, and the Nightmare chest. This is the easiest and most accessible method for most players.
  2. Master Dungeon: Farm the master version of the new dungeon for guaranteed high stat armor drops. This method is more challenging but offers better rewards, especially for those who can complete the dungeon with a good group.
  3. Pit of Heresy Boss: Farm the boss in the Pit of Heresy dungeon for a good chance at high stat armor drops. This method is easier than the Master Dungeon but still requires a decent power level to complete.
  4. Wellspring on Master Version: For solo players, farm the Wellspring on the master version in Savathun’s Throne World for high stat armor drops.


By following this guide and taking advantage of the Discipline Armor Mod on your ghost, you can guarantee god roll armor drops and improve your character’s stats. This will make a significant difference in your gameplay and help you create the builds you want. Happy farming!