Unlock the Power of Incandescent Perk in Destiny 2 : Boost Your Scorch Damage

Discover how to maximize Scorch Damage with the Incandescent Perk in Destiny 2, achieving a massive 5438 damage over time. Unleash your full potential!

Maximize Scorch Damage with Incandescent Perk in Destiny 2

In this article, we will explore how to take the new Incandescent perk and its scorch damage from 552 damage over time to a massive 5438 damage over time. This incredible increase in damage is achieved by simply getting kills with your weapon and can even cause ignitions just from your weapons. This guide will provide a full build breakdown and a DIM link in the description for the max scorch build. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Incandescent Perk

The first thing we need to understand is the new Incandescent and Enhanced Incandescent perks that can be found on a couple of crafted weapons this season. The basic Incandescent perk spreads scorch to nearby enemies when you defeat a target, applying 30 scorch stacks within a 4-5 meter radius. The Enhanced Incandescent perk spreads a longer-lasting scorch and deals more damage, making it a crucial component in maximizing scorch damage.

Ember of Ashes Fragment

The next piece of the puzzle is the Ember of Ashes fragment for the solar subclass, which allows you to apply more scorch stacks to targets. When combined with Enhanced Incandescent, the scorch damage jumps from 673 to 1161, effectively doubling your damage output.

Ember of Torches Fragment and Radiant

Adding the Ember of Torches fragment and the Radiant buff further increases scorch damage. With Enhanced Incandescent, Ember of Ashes, and Radiant active, your scorch damage increases to 1451. This setup can be used by all classes, allowing for versatile builds.

Font of Might and Solar Wells

By picking up a solar well, you gain a 25% damage buff from Font of Might. This buff stacks with Radiant, Ember of Ashes, and Enhanced Incandescent, resulting in a scorch damage of 1813. This setup can be used by any character and offers a simple gameplay loop, allowing you to consistently deal high scorch damage.

Dawn Chorus Exotic for Warlocks

For Warlock players, the Dawn Chorus exotic armor piece can significantly boost scorch damage. The armor’s Rights of Ember perk causes Daybreak projectiles to scorch targets on contact, while the second part of the perk increases scorch effect damage by three times. With Dawn Chorus, Enhanced Incandescent, and Ember of Ashes, your scorch damage skyrockets to 3481.

Max Scorch Damage Build

With all the buffs working together, you can achieve a scorch damage of 5438. This build is especially effective in harder content, as more tanky enemies allow for more scorching and ignitions. In Grandmaster content, this build can truly shine, as you can consistently apply high scorch damage without relying on artifact mods.


This guide demonstrates how to maximize scorch damage with the Incandescent perk in Destiny 2. By combining Enhanced Incandescent with various fragments and buffs, you can achieve scorch damage of up to 5438. This build is versatile and can be used by any character, making it a must-have for players looking to increase their damage output. Share this guide with your friends and let them know that the Enhanced Incandescent perk is a game-changer!