Unlock Extra Loot in Destiny 2: Master the Xur Glitch Technique Today!

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How to Get Extra Loot from Xur with the Xur Glitch

Are you looking for a way to get extra loot from Xur in Destiny 2? You might have heard of the Zur Glitch, but what exactly is it and how do you do it? In this article, we will explain how to use the Zur Glitch to get extra loot and how to participate in it.

Setting Up for the Xur Glitch

First, you need to head down to where Xur is just before the weekly reset. Take a look at his inventory to see the exotics and legendary weapons available. At this point, all you need to do is stay in this instance and wait for the weekly reset.

What Happens During the Xur Glitch

When the weekly reset arrives, you will notice some changes in Xur’s inventory. The first indication that you have a glitched instance is that the exotics are gone. However, you will also see some new weapons in the inventory. This method is pretty consistent, but it may not work if Xur is in the tower.

Benefits of the Xur Glitch

Essentially, the Xur Glitch lets you have another crack at Xur’s inventory. If he doesn’t have any good legendary weapons one weekend, you could potentially snag one in a glitched instance. This is especially useful if you’re looking for a specific weapon or a god roll.

How to Participate in the Xur Glitch if You’re Not Around for the Weekly Reset

If you’re not around for the weekly reset, don’t worry! As long as people are staying in the glitched instance, it will continue and give other players a chance to come after the reset and gain access to the glitched weaponry. If there is a really good weapon in a glitched instance, people will often hold onto it all day, sometimes even switching off with someone else to keep the instance active.

Finding a Glitched Xur Instance

To find a glitched Xur instance, check out forums, community discords, Reddit, and LFG websites. There will often be people advertising that they have a glitched Xur instance, and you can join on them to grab the extra loot even after the reset has happened.


The Xur Glitch is a useful trick for Destiny 2 players looking to get extra loot from Xur’s inventory. By staying in a glitched instance and waiting for the weekly reset, you can gain access to new weapons and potentially snag a god roll. Even if you’re not around for the reset, you can still participate in the glitch by joining on someone who is holding onto the instance. So, give the Xur Glitch a try and see what extra loot you can get!