Dominate Destiny 2 with Skyburners Oath Warlock Build: Ultimate Guide

Dominate Destiny 2 with our Skyburner's Oath Warlock Build, perfect for Grandmaster Strikes and earning double loot. Unleash the power now!

Unleash the Power of Skyburner’s Oath: A Destiny 2 Warlock Build for Grandmaster Strikes

This week, Destiny 2 players have the opportunity to earn double loot in Grandmaster Strikes, making it the perfect time to try out a powerful new Warlock build that takes advantage of the Skyburner’s Oath exotic weapon. This build is all about scorching and igniting enemies, providing unlimited abilities and constant damage buffs from multiple sources. It can be run solo or with a team and is especially effective in the Arms Dealer and Proving Ground Grandmaster Strikes.

Subclass, Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments

For this build, you’ll want to use the Daybreak super for ad clearing or the Well of Radiance for team support. Equip Healing Rift, Burst Glide, and Celestial Fire for your abilities. Fusion Grenade is the recommended grenade choice due to its high damage and low base cooldown time.

As for Aspects, use Touch of Flame to make your Fusion Grenade explode twice and Icarus Dash or Heat Rises for mobility or extra melee energy. The Fragments you’ll need are Ember of Ashes, Ember of Char, Ember of Torches, and Ember of Singing. These will increase scorch stacks, spread scorched effects, provide a weapon damage buff, and recharge your class ability faster when scorching targets.

Weapons and Exotic Armor

For your primary weapon, use a pulse rifle like Sacred Provenance to deal with anti-barrier champions. The star of this build is the Skyburner’s Oath exotic weapon, which deals extra damage to Cabal, penetrates Phalanx shields, and applies scorch effects when hip-fired. This weapon benefits from multiple damage buffs, making it incredibly powerful in Grandmaster Strikes.

For your heavy weapon, use a high-DPS option like the Stormchaser or a Cataclysmic with Switch and Bait. The exotic armor piece for this build is the Dawn Chorus, which increases scorch damage and provides melee energy when scorching targets.

Mods and Armor

Equip the following mods on your armor to maximize the effectiveness of this build:

  • Helmet: Firepower, Linear Fusion Rifle Ammo Finder
  • Gauntlets: Elemental Charge, Impact Induction, Anti-Barrier Pulse, Unstoppable Scout Rifle
  • Chest: Firepower, Armor of the Dying Star, Concussive Dampener
  • Boots: Elemental Ordnance, Revitalizing Blast, Withering Heat

Putting It All Together

With this build, you’ll be able to scorch and ignite enemies with ease, chaining ignitions and providing constant damage buffs to your weapons. Your abilities will recharge quickly, allowing you to maintain a high level of damage output throughout the strike. If your teammates also run builds that cause scorches, you can ignite the entire Grandmaster Strike and destroy everything in your path.

So, if you’re looking to take advantage of the double loot in Grandmaster Strikes this week, give this Skyburner’s Oath Warlock build a try. It’s a powerful and fun way to play, and you’ll be racking up those Ascendant Shards in no time. Happy hunting, Guardians!